Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sigiriya Rock

In Sri Lanka we went to a really big rock called Sigiriya.Surrounded by smaller big rocks, it was an ancient King/Monk hideaway.This is the area for making speeches. Luckily I had some things to speech about.
There was much landscaping, which was apparently historically important. To me, however, making cheese or liqueur seem like better monkly activities.
On the way up, there are paintings of ladies with big, um, hands.The ascent had dangers, or perhaps a clever way for local guides to provide "protection" for a fee.The view from the top shows a lone Buddha in the distance.On the way back, we saw a wandering elephant. I wanted to stop and snuggle it, but Barry disagreed.
Then we went back to our hotel in search of zen. We didn't quite find it here.
or here.But this was a bit better.