Sunday, July 8, 2012


You can tell these are Asian elephants because of their smaller ears, and the fact that we're in Asia. You can tell they're Sri Lankan elephants through the fact that they still exist, as opposed to most of Asia.
We went to the Minneriya National park which, as you can see, is the best!
The elephants come to drink and to mow the lawn.
The 1 week and 1 month old babies spent most of their time hiding from the camera.
And occasionally stumbling around.
We also saw, to much trumpeting, how baby elephants are made!
Only 7% of the adult males have tusks, and mostly females hang around in the group, since the boys just don't get along.
These ones got very close to our jeep, which made Barry scared since they were bigger than our jeep, and jeeps are not very reliable.Barry says I included too many pictures, but look, elephants!
At the time, Barry expressed enjoyment for both of us, so I'm doing so retroactively!