Sunday, July 22, 2012

Polonnaruwa Promenade

We went to Polannaruwa, which is an ancient city with perhaps a couple surplus syllables. The heat is as shown above.As you can see below, it has been reconstructed like a jigsaw puzzle.Our driver got into the photography.He also explained to us the detailed sculpture. Mythical creatures and animals were involved in these structures, which centered around Buddhism and taking baths.After that, we took a stroll through the market, which had unidentifiable vegetables.Here's Barry, trying to go unnoticed.It didn't work, I think.So we stopped and bought the best mangoes in the world. Also shown is the ridiculously omnipresent cracker advertizing seen throughout Sri Lanka. As if there had been a tenfold budgetting error in the cracker marketing budget.Later, we went to the Kandy cultural show. We thought it would be cheesy, but it was an amazing talent-fest!
Below is the peacock dance.All good shows need a bit of fire, right?Finally, this is our goodbye dinner with our driver, Sunil, who showed us many of the fabulous things Sri Lanka has to offer.