Sunday, July 1, 2012

Nebulous Nihon

Sometimes, Japan is a collection of small, inexplicable things. Like fashion slippers, direct from Rome to your hotel washroom. (What would Milan think?)
Or perhaps cream puff girlies.The "I am with you" alien girl's eyes are larger than the cream puff heads, I figure.We stumbled upon a pet cemetary in Tokyo. It's not as scary as the Stephen King version, but made Barry sad.Speaking of pets, Gloomy is Pity's pet bear, and he likes to go berzerk and kill people. We've seen him show up in Engrish before.Speaking of berzerk, below is when not to be a drunkard.But if you're not feeling as hot as the pink-haired girl, try Shape Up Gel, which cures ugly body.If you're looking for something simpler, perhaps just make bath time your pleasant time.Personally, I prefer the cow rains, since they're simmered in bowl and all.
Barry, on the other hand, works out a lot and he needs extra salt.
We went to the Tobacco & Salt Museum. Doesn't everyone? Look, a smoking vending machine from the past.
A salt ship!
After all that, I got hungry. How about some beef barbequed on a leaf with special miso?Barry prefers eel mixed with rice, wasabi and onions, it never fails.