Saturday, July 14, 2012

Animals that are not elephants

Ok, there were some other animals. Above is the water buffalo, which is a floating cow with horns. Not sure how it made the Big Five, I think corruption was involved.Slightly cooler was the purple faced langur, although it has a black face.You can never go wrong with a cameleon cameleoning.How about a mongoose? That's what they call squirrels in some places, to make them into fancier animals.Now the above are called huge very scary bats in any place.Luckily, we were protected in the Difender, which made Barry extra tough.This is what the Difender did to my hair.The peacock's hair stands on end too.And above is a Kingfisher, not just for beer around here. Speaking of vices, let's transition to Engrish. Look, a "No Smorking" sign. I've always wanted to see one!I thought channeling was for dead loved ones. But I supposed if your doctor died, and you're feeling unwell, this could work if you didn't need a prescription.Sri Lanka wins the for best tri-shaws/autos/tuk-tuks/three-wheelers (choose your preferred word). They are somehow all clean and new, and adorned with random expressions. Dont worry, Add Master Advertising, Its my fashion, and How is my Beautiful!