Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ugly Bodies and Teeth

Well, blogger and my relationship is still on the rocks, but we're giving it another go. (Other options wanted to put ads on my blog, even after a first date!) Anyway, let's cheer ourselves up with some Engrish.
First, do not enter animals, whether at the Stupa or elsewhere.Next, how about some beef weather, yes?Next time you can't go to the party because of ugly body, there is an easy, albeit strangely slippery solution.Another solution: Moisten your skin like a fruit. I think I choose kiwi-face, definitely not pomegranate.Um, I think this was just a washroom, but I guess, as is usual in Japan, I missed something.
Have you blown your vision? The store above has the solution. And the one below carries teeth in its front window for quick and easy dental selection!Finally this is how Barry looks when he's very Thirst-pi, and wearing cheap tourist-wear that shrinks into doll clothing after washing.