Sunday, May 13, 2012

Eating and Drinking in Kathmandu

We discovered something like perpetual motion or free energy in Kathmandu. It started with a hunger.Perhaps for a street goat, or chicken?Here is where they get turned into meat. Graphically.This is what it looks like after a boar is butchered. They didn't let us photograph it, but did you know that boars have bright orange skin? Anyway, not so appetizing, what with the flies, blood buckets, and unidentified bird. The street food vendors were picking each others' hair. Let's hope it's for esthetic purposes only.
Anyway, this menu offered improved hygiene, and a matrix of momos - Nepalese dumplings, genre India meets China.
We ordered several of the 32 kinds.
More interesting Nepalese food below includes, clockwise, more momos, buffalo jerky, crunchy flattened rice, paneer dish and cornmeal bread.
Onto drinking. Barry was less into the yak butter tea. Imagine melting butter into heated milk. Seems like it would be good if you were cold and skinny on a mountain, maybe?So we moved onto Everest.
Later we got more daring and tried tongba. At first, I was confused about the vats in front of me.Vat 1 is full of millet, into which you pour hot water (which you really hope was boiled) from vat 2. Wait a few seconds, and vat 1's millet has oozed alcoholic tastiness into the brew, which you sip through a filtered straw.The beauty is, that for about $1, you can repeat the above steps, apparently forever! More water, more yummy warm beer stuff! Once I tried it, Barry got brave too. After all, it's like perpetual motion!