Friday, April 27, 2012


An important part of going to Agra is the car ride there. It sometimes involves travelling through the past. Unfortunately, Google's Blogger has also gone backwards, to an absolutely, utterly and completely unusable interface. Let me summarize the features:
  1. I can't control where my text goes, and can't type between pictures.  Is this not a normal feature?
  2. Random carriage returns are added throughout my posts.
  3. It takes eons to load pictures.
  4. I can't move pictures around while editting.

Below, I was going to make a comment about vehicles being inversely proportional to their loads. Oh look, side-text!Above, I was going to say something really funny about how subtle we looked in our Tourist-mobile.  And to comment no the stand-up banana truck in front of it.

I hear that golf ball motorcycle helmets are all the rage in aerodynamics.

Got a rickshaw to fix? Just get your kid to lift up the corner!

More than once on my drive-by photography I got a picture of a biking man of bags.  This trade seems less than lucrative

Street goats, the toughest kind.

Painting the median the right colours helps to manage traffic.

So does this man, who stands in a metal cage in the middle of the intersection. Whether he is obeyed is not known.

Above, I suspect the new Serbian Catholic Bank will not be as popular as Indusind.

Finally dung patties built into dung structures. A whole party of dung!

The creepy statues wish you goodbye, and farewell to Blogger as well. Stay tuned for a new address!