Saturday, May 19, 2012

Faux monks, Pillow packs and Knife nooks

How do you tell a real monk from a tourist tout? I'm pretty sure it's in the shoes. This one lets you ring his singing bowl for a modest fee.Singing bowls are just one of many things you can buy. The more you can carry on your head, the more you can sell.Or buy. I wonder if my airport maneuvers could be made easier through the use of the head-carry, or the head-pack, both shown here. I also wonder if my neck would get shorter.This man has the full body pillow pack, which is handy for napping, sports, and crowded public transit. How can you go wrong?Here is a picture of boys carrying their sketchy water home from the public fountain, while a woman sells papayas. This picture could be from many places in the world, so I'm not sure why I chose it. But it's here now, so let's talk about it. Ok, done. Right. Smoothly transitioning back into shopping. Nepal sells a lot of Tibetan weapon knives. Seems a tough thing to bring through customs.
The nook at the base of the blade, Barry tells me, is so that the enemy's blood doesn't soil the handle. Good violence hygiene, I figure, and prevents spreading enemy diseases.C0tt0n candy seller, for a much friendlier purchase. Here, hats to be worn neither while fighting enemies, nor on a first date.We bought some Thangkas (but not this one), because you can't go wrong with geometric Buddhist symmetry, right?