Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy Holidays

As expected, my holidays started with a tropical cycling elf with lights, beside the Christmas bamboo. But then we went to Canada, where it was much colder, and I had much nicer hair.Barry ate this many cookies to celebrate the season.The angels and space creatures sang,And the family rejoiced with traditional champagne and fondue.Soon, it was time to start planning my eating for 2010.In Canada, we celebrate Boxing Day, which is where, after having received presents, you buy yourself even more things. I used the opportunity to buy pants and underwear, so as to avoid buying XL sizes in Singapore.The next phase of our holiday involved visiting the little people.And borrowing their books to catch up on our reading.Then we caught up on our eating. Tex Mex is an important culinary movement not yet available in Singapore.Finally, upon our return to Singapore, we donned receding hairline hats to welcome the new year!