Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Barry's Secret Aussie Affairs

Barry' been to Australia 4 times this year, and I'm starting to ask myself some serious questions. This time he went with his bike and enough skin tight clothes to bury a kangaroo in.
Barry says: "She was long and curvy, a beauty to the eye, with clear waters and a break in the middle where she was under repair." He calls her Jetty.
Barry claims to have gone swimming, and I quote: "Growing up in a land of poisonous snakes, crocs, sharks, spiders, and other mean creatures means they can swim and run very fast. And since one quarter of the population lives within 3km of the coast, they are naturally great swimmers too, and offered me the following helpful advice "Try not to look like a seal" (as I stood in my black wetsuit at the start line). "
Barry says: "She has great meaty toppings, and none of the fake Asian stuff we sometimes see. They even call her "meatasaurus".
Barry, the victorious athlete, says: "If you happen to find yourself without any triathlon races to do in December, or find yourself in Western Australia with too much energy, I suggest doing the hot, long and painful Ironman Western Australia race. If you feel like you are a fast triathlete in your home town, come down to Australia and see how slow you really are. " And yet, the camera tells a different story:Most suspiciously of all, Barry claims, that in the heat of the race, when he was starved for energy, electrolytes, and sanity, he ate, and ENJOYED vegemite! Can you believe these shocking tales? Laura says "hmmm".