Saturday, January 9, 2010

Strange Canadian Sightings

Since 60% of this blog's visits are from outside of North America, I thought I'd point out some sights which will appear common to the other 40% of you. Like, for example, a quaint barn used as a subtle expression of Canadian patriotism. Brings a tear to the expat's eye, no?But then the expat will remember things like this. What could it be?It is a shed to store salt, which is spread on the roads to melt some of the ice, so that drivers don't die, but instead suffer stained boots, shoes, coats, cars, etc. Then there are the weirder things, like Blenheim, Ontario's biggest claim to fame. Yes, that's cherry pit spitting. A finable offense in Singapore, Joe would have to pay $20.This is a sign for a restaurant (read chip stand) off the highway.And this is something I found among the dead/dormant winter garden plants.More winter in Canada here.