Friday, January 22, 2010

Freaks of the Week

First, a serious subject: Canadian Pork. Obviously, it's better because of the Rockies and Niagara Falls. Our mountain waterfall pigs are also grown on carefully prescribed diet (sic) so they're bursting with bad marketing! The second serious topic is our near death by a plague of giant (GIANT!) face-sucking locusts. Luckily Barry saved us with his now honed badminton racket technique.
Lest you think we only use our badminton rackets for chasing vermin, you are only 60% right, as I'm an uber jock. I'm all about hitting stuff with rackets. At least twice!The confusing karaoke multi-bar of the week is Dynasty. Four levels of sketchy bars AND a rear podium!The game of the week is Wii Sports Resort, which helps one express one's inner feelings. Will has man-rage:Barry has man-glee.Catherine has robotic precision and a secret history of bowling fame.
And I have bad coordination and an apparent excess of skin.