Saturday, September 8, 2007

Singaporean Gastronomy

At my former work's Sodexho food court, several options, including dry sandwiches, boiled hamburgers, and the unidentifiable stuff that Frank eats, are served for $7 CDN. At Insead's Sodexho food court, there is an Indian food counter, a Singaporean counter, a guest chef (this week Japanese, last week Thai), Western options to address cheese cravings, and a sandwich counter. Lunch is under $4 CDN.

Given its multicultural nature, Singapore's cuisine is a mix of Chinese, Malaysian and Indian. Very yummy Singaporean specialties include fish head curry and chili crab.
I eat lots of dumplings, steamed with veggies in my rice maker. There is microwave laksa here that is nearly as good as Abba's. I have also discovered a true love for passion fruit, which I identified on the Internet on my second attempt.
Western cravings
While I sometime dream of cheese (please send me a Works burger!), the grocery store offers me all things western. Except cream for my coffee! Coffee makers are a rarity here, so I use my bodum (thanks Heather!). Here are some things I'm using as cream substitutes. Clearly a literacy problem led me to choose the low-fat one.
Finally, unlike many drink options, this falls into the non-yummy Singaporean gastronomy category. Slogan: "Whatever: Any taste for any thirst."