Sunday, September 23, 2007

French Literature in Singapore

When I lived in Paris in grade eight, my school did a play based on a work by Georges Perec, wherein he observed the seemingly mundane events of Place Saint-Sulpice. My international friends and I, our little teenage hearts broken by our impending separation, spent hours filling each others' yearbooks with Perec-ien observations about our lives. It is this which inspired Airport tales, archived below.

Realizing that no literature has inspired me more, I've tried to find this book, but failed. I did not know the title.

Here I am 16 years later, making new international friends at an international school. And, as if from a dream, here is Georges Perec: Tentative D'Épuisement d'un Lieu Parisien. It is not a book, but was published in a journal in 1975.