Monday, September 17, 2007

Laura in Thailand

Friday, September 14, 2007. After two full weeks of classes, we needed a break. Here is how our weekend in Railei Beach, Krabi, Thailand began.
2:30pm: Fly to Phuket, Thailand. 32 MBA students, of which 8 are Canadian.
4:30pm: Leave Phuket by vans towards Krabi, Thailand. Our van has a blue neon light, which flashes in time to the Thai dance music blaring out of the dual 12" subwoofers. Bus ride supposed to take two hours.
7:30pm: Bus gets lost in Krabi.
8:00pm. Dropped off at a stall, charged money for a boat ride, though no boats are in sight. Follow man in rain jacket through the dark. Sounds of bullfrogs and Thai chanting. Faint smell of gasoline and sewage.
8:15pm. Get onto small boats, crashing through waves.
8:20pm. MBA students and all their possessions are soaked in many different languages. Attempt to open eyes to see amazing islands emerging over the water in the pouring rain.
8:35. Thai boatman tells us to get out of boat and walk to shore through thigh-deep water. Confusion ensues.
8:40. Arrive in destination, where food and joy are served.
9:35. 15 other students, travelling on a much later flight, arrive and are impossibly dry. We pretend not to know them.
9:36. Amazing weekend in Thai paradise begins. Click for more pictures.