Sunday, September 2, 2007

Vermin in Singapore

On Saturday, I found a big snail in my kitchen, marking my first exposure to the mollusk family of vermin. My second vermin encounter was this little lizard in my apartment: Sometimes, it would make sense to open my windows at night. There are, however, no screens, just bars. I'm afraid of vermin like, say, a fruit bat, flying in and attacking me in my sleep. Luckily, many stuffed animals came with my apartment, so I performed an experiment to see how safe the windows were against vermin. Here are the results.

Possible Vermin: Brio's Italian bears, cheesy love bears, Balinese Buddhas,
scary Asian boys with hats, pug dogs, wild sheep, and sad blowfish.

Non-threats: Rocking horses, pelicans, creepy kitties.

Based on this, I've decided it's simply to dangerous to open my windows except briefly. I am unprepared to deal with this kind of vermin threat. Imagine the Cheesy Love Bear / Wild Sheep combination at night, for example.