Saturday, September 3, 2016

Stuffed Bananas and Taco Rice

It was Taco Rice and Banana Stuffing day at Mark and Joe's, a big event! It starts with the humble pouring of soju.
Taco Rice, a Japanese-American food from Okinawa, is exactly what it sounds like, and is delicious!
I was worried Barry was doing it wrong, but actually it's traditional Eurasian food, so no problem.
We were very thankful to Mark and Joe for hosting us!
Mark got us a Japanese banana stuffer for Christmas, as shown. Naively, we hadn't realized that bananas could, or should be stuffed. After reading the instructions in Japanese, we followed the simple, and messy, steps.
First, put chocolate or other stuffing into the specific applicator, and use the end-nubbin to remove the banana stem and top.
Then, extrude the banana middle. We figured Barry was meant to eat those.
Finally, refill hole with chocolate goo.
While this was a marvel of Japanese Engineering, Mark wondered if there was maybe an easier way...