Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Mantas in Engrish Hats

It has come to my attention that some people don't love Engrish hats, so here is a Manta ray! Now let's ponder where all of these hats come from. Is "Blowing" a lesser-known borough?
Look at the water glisten around this Manta. If you send the pictures to an NGO website, they identify it for you by the dotted pattern!
Did someone say glisten?
Here is me trying to develop an intimate manta friendship. Actually, it's just to show the relative size.
It's not easy to take good pictures in the depths.
Barry over-exerted himself diving around mantas with his GoPro.
My slogan for GoPro: an inferior camera which attaches to stuff to take videos no one wants to see.
Barry's slogan for GoPro:
And, well, I could think of anything Manta-related for this one. In fact, I couldn't think of how to incorporate a neutre hat into my life at all!