Thursday, August 25, 2016

Sanitary Type and Loosely Type

Disposable underwear, now in sanitary type (my preference), and loosely type (for Barry).
In some Japanese stores, there is so much Engrish that you can get double Engrish! Here, "Oh my god, keep love, ok ok, kiss me", is next to a mirror which loves make up more than my darling or "..."
Speaking of mirrors, you can either have the lame mirror, or the one with suckers. Notebooks, like those below, always have opinions to share.
This notebook suggests it might be useful, as long as you use proper sentences.
This memo pad is sure it's useful, but can't quite explain how.
Finally, this notebook has interesting views on France.
My opinion is that we should all focus more on the spirit of whirling.
This apron comes on way too strong, and cries when you remove it.
Today, I was courteous with my time, as I drank from my Sunny Day jar.
This Vinyl Pouch is quite anxious about being purchased, it seems.
Like some people I know, this bag has a lot of opinions and advice, some of which seem to conflict.
Suggested title for the next Bieber hit?
Introducing the new Monotone fad diet: Slow and healthy time eaten out of a mug!
I might stick with the Glit and Brillia mug instead, since it has a tasty production process.
Weekends are great, but don't forget about Saturday.
Luckily, this shirt didn't provide much detail about this type of sport.
Storage can be thoughtful and uplifting.
And, well, I do love my face smoothening rollers. I think Hoho Ago is the best brand I've seen, too!