Friday, September 23, 2016

Off the Coast of Soy Sauce

In Japan they are perhaps a bit too focused on gender...
But in the ryokan, the footwear is unisex and narrow.
Now let's talk about food.
This is one of the best menus we've every seen. We had Firefly squid off the coast of soysauce, since that must be local. We paired that with Weren't green soybeans (what were they?) and Chan's the tainted green onions.
To "Finish the dish", we considered fried bird, but instead went with Unfried spring roll with spicy codroe child stick and just a few potatoes tend to bioom.
The results of our ordering were fabulous!
Who doesn't like a tasty bioom like this!
After that, perhaps you need a tissue. This tissue seems to need you even more!
To help you cope with leaving Japan, the airport has a cute robot. I wish I could say it did something more than repeat the same thing in English, Korean and Chinese.