Sunday, May 8, 2016

Dumping in Singapore

Well we all know that the environment can be saved by toothbrush reuse, but, you might ask what happens on the darker side of discarded toothbrushes in Singapore.
Well, we took a boat to find out. But not this boat, because it's all spider-like.
At the boat terminal, there is a rule about not sleeping. I wasn't tempted. But this guy couldn't resist taking his shoes off to snooze on some rice. Lesson: don't eat boat rice.
After the boat ride, we arrived at Singapore's island landfill, called Semakau.
It is a romantic tropical island made out of garbage.
Basically, incinerated toothbrushes and other waste are brought here by boat, and filled into island holes by big machines. The stray dogs are removed prior to incineration.
Once full, the island holes magically turn into this!
The island is surrounded by coral and mangroves.
And hosts a unique landfill fish farm. So now you know about the toothbrushes!