Saturday, May 21, 2016

Engrish Diets and Guts

My Engrish diet has been going well. I'm finding good use for Horse Oil cream and Let's Diet Calorie Off!
I find it works out better if I avoid Gut's Grill, what with all its Hamburgs.
I draw the line at Gut's soul, however, can't miss that.
I'm sticking with cancake sauce, because I'm sure it's all natural.
One time, though, I had a bit of a Gaspanic!
And I got all shriveled and melty like these people.
Luckily, I found the restroom in the depths.
If you think about it, the smell of the sky refreshes. Under that sky. You know?
And here are some lessons I learned:
Japan is the King of System.
Here is my favourite example, it's so logical.
But when it gets too complicated, I just open the stairs.