Monday, November 30, 2015

Flavours of Seoul

In Seoul, Michelle showed us some great times and great food!
Spicy and flavourful, Korean food even comes in "Pungent" flavour.
These egg brioches were less pungent and more street.
They went well with spicy bulgogi balls.
Michelle told us about a new trend: Koreans are loving cheese! We did not try the salted cheese iced tea because we were confused about what meal that should join, based on the picture.
We also did not try the ribs dipped in cheese, because we are looking to live a bit longer.
Similarly, I think we made a rational decision about this burger.
But dak galbi spicy stir fry with cheese!? Now that's for us!
In the corner store, you can get your Denmark in Pocket cheese, just like the Danes have in their pockets.
The tube meat is below the liquor, so I guess that's what it goes with.
Barry has just decided what he was born to be!
 I, on the other hand, marveled at the invention of water envelopes. Pour, drink, recycle!
We are not doing Korean food justice here, so let's get to the cabbage, shown here in its rare ornamental form.
The radishes were the size of my double-hooded head!
Here, Barry demonstrates the proper outfit for kimchi making. Under the rubber gloves, there are optional secondary warm gloves as well as sleeve covers for extra protection. We got to keep the kit for home use.
Yup, we kimchi'd with the help of these kind folk. Here is my little guy. Devastatingly, the airport officials declared him a "gel or liquid". Better luck next kimchi season.