Monday, November 23, 2015

Tricking the Eyes

To contrast the previous post, we went to the TrickEye museum.
This required more skill than expected. Barry, who is operating the tap?
Above, not quite the right ballet pose, but below, much better!
It was also confusing. Why does the dinosaur have a frame of my head and legs? Is this from a movie I missed?
Why would I be hanging from the rafters if there was a giant snake breaking through the walls. I know better and would succumb to armageddon.
 This one is confusing because this is what Barry's legs actually look like.
 Barry was better at this Trickeye stuff than me.
Here is how Barry feels when cycling, but with more spandex and happy chanting in real life.
Eventually, I got better at Trickeying. You can hardly tell I'm not a panda.
And I'm a natural shark surfer (why, Trick Eye, why?).
Barry is careful around lava flows.
 Randomly, there was an ice museum.
Here I am as the ice queen, which is much easier than being a Trickeye.
In the end, Barry didn't want to leave!