Sunday, November 1, 2015

A Good Egg and More Else

Happy Deepagiving, which was officially celebrated in Singapore last weekend. Our friends eat nearly 1 lb of turkey each, and their children prefer mashed potatoes.
In Changi airport these days, there are sculptures compelling you take foolish-looking pictures. It's very hard to resist. Barry can achieve foolish looks with regular durian eating, however.
We entered the modern ice age at the 3D theatre. I was not warm enough in my hoodie and scarf, so I had to steal Barry's down jacket as well. I think you can see the icicles in my nose.
Since 1978 the good eggs have been going into Minglun pancakes, although I'm a bit of a bad egg for stealing this picture from my blog stalkers.
Sometimes you see an invention and wonder if it could have saved you tens of hours of waiting after missed flights, and a couple of foot injuries.
Wedding idea: stuffed bride and groom toys. Because who doesn't consider their groom to be a bit like Stitch: part Disney character, part alien experiment, and part Japanese video game!
The best way to get to the North South School of Technology is by bike.
When you visit Hussain and family, you get childcare, food and more else!
And finally, if you were being lazy this weekend, maybe it's time to think about grammar and/or how it relates to petty crime.