Saturday, October 17, 2015

Deep Dark Creepies

We went to "The Deep" exhibition, where we learned that the bottom of the ocean is a terrible place.
It's cold, dark, and if you go there, your head implodes. No wonder a lot of the deep sea creatures are angry. This guy is so grumpy that he had to grow holes in his brain to fit his teeth.
This guy has a huge threatening prey-slapper, which he has to use extensively because of his embarrassingly small teeth.
The advantage of the darkness, however, is that it  makes your wrinkles less noticeable, as I demonstrate with this guy.
But the Spookfish, below, sees everything underwater, and knows your inner-most thoughts!
Kroyer's Anglerfish not only lures prey with a glowy dingle dangler, but also considers her mates to be parasites. The tiny males can only survive by attaching themselves to the females, and becoming a reproductive pimple.
In the deep darkness, a lot of creatures of blinky glowy features.
And, maybe they're not all scary. Ya this one is still scary.
The deep see hairy crab looks delicious.
 And the deep sea Lippy Fishy wants to eat you up!
The depths are filled with octopi, this one strawberry flavoured.
The Dumbo octopus is not only adorable, but can turn itself inside-out for protection!