Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Pisa Pushups and Sky socks

Pisa is certainly a very touristy place, where the awesome Italian food is hidden amongst more bland club sandwiches than you thought existed in Italy.
Under the surface, it seems there is some discontented discord. After "Socialism or death", it says "No to Communism".
But mostly, there is this:
While I'm not usually into crowds of tourists, but I found this to be a hilarious study of humanity. What did you do on vacation? I contributed to humanity by holding up a tower, see my picture!
There are many considerations when you take this picture. If you want to just look bored and lazy, then don't put your heart into it. But people will think that your wife plans your vacation and the rest of your life while you tune out - I mean you're in sunny Italy, isn't that worth straightening your back for?
Some people have clearly never held up anything heavy before. Can I hold your bag so that you put some hips into it?
See, now here is some enthusiasm. This guy really really wants to keep the tower up, and perhaps to climb it at the same time!
For a cuter picture, you need to stand straight and reach upward. Crossing the legs is flattering too.
If you get too close, you won't have anyone in the background, but you'll be dwarfed in your picture by a tower about to crush you.
Consider this. Almost everyone tries to hold up the tower? Why not push it down and get it over with? Is this some kind of faux altruism, or lack of original thought? Here's a woman pushing, although not very hard.
Then there are the teamworkers, whose photographers have to work harder.
These people are either hugging, or trying to transplant the tower. Original, but confusing.
Once you look at the Tower of Pisa for a while, everything else seems to look crooked too!
OMG! Stop everything! We have spotted a cyclist with Team Sky outfit including bike and socks! This means something!
OMG we had to look it up and it's Andrew Fenn who is an actual real cyclist who goes very quickly in France! This is apparently the most exciting thing in Pisa.