Sunday, June 14, 2015

Broken Bunnys with Large Ribbons

Sometimes, Engrish comes along that makes you really wish you could pull off the mesh cap look. I mean, Bunnys! Back to the Future! This cap has it all.
Other mesh caps have deeper thoughts. So true, we're so broken at the places.
I wonder what else we can find in Whity Shopping Town. Perhaps another deep hat: "It has lived without changing just because it continues changing"! That's how "New style old desining" works.
I seem to remember some lilacs, but they weren't in "52 Altana".
It's ok, these ones are sports caps for Dancing and Performance Blowing. The latter sport is "going through changes".
The "Ferris wheel view (really do come the)" t-shirt was $60.
So we went discount shopping, where the best shirts can be found, Baby Doll!
Some of the messages were mixed, but this one ends well, what with all the hope, light and good parts.
When in doubt, remember that putting a big ribbon on BUNNYS BUNNYS can make them sad, and seems to change their name.