Saturday, March 7, 2015

Listen more. Less mistake.

I hope you've been enjoying winter sports lately.
Barry has been enjoying Engrish. Perhaps a bit too much.
Underwater shark is also one of his favourites.
He kindly bought me the Police brand of bodysize style PL, but I'm not sure where to wear it.
Mark has continued to support our skin regime. Be Nice is now extra firming.
And Placenta classic helps with subtleness. I often avoid being subtle.
I'm cool with the staying young part only, and I'm not convinced that placenta extract is herbal.
The beards are more herbal I think, but a bit pricey.
But it's ok, we found new seaweed and tomato flavoured banana snacks instead!
Back to Engrish shopping. This purse conveys the most disturbing part of Red Riding Bunny.
The above Borrow me shirt teaches the wrong lesson, while the bunnies below are more confusing.
This shirt has a better lesson, but was not in my size, as I've had too many cupcakes.
More British shirts.
This message is a great one, especially from a chicken.
When you're listening to music, just remember that Whitney, or inexplicably in this case Sarah McLachlin, was just being nice while dumping Kevin Costner.
And as a closing note, may all of our love riding dandelion fly to Wenbo.