Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hooks, Spikes and Feathers

Well, it was that time of year again.
Time for my favourite festival with feathers, beads and music!
And a touch of tongue piercing!
Thaipusam, of course.
In addition to the hanging piercers and the poking piercers,
This year we got you a before and after picture! Before: "Are my oranges straight?"
After: "Does it hurt yet?" The man in purple is so very helpful!
I noticed this year that you can match your milk pots to your other silver or gold accessories.
Or you can go pink with faux fur. Thaipusam is flexible and welcoming like that.
Below is the not often seen old man wearing nail flip flops. Flip flops doesn't seem to be the right word. Slippers? Thongs? Painshoes?
On the beginning of his walk, his man posed for us directly in front of the temple's peak; very lucky.