Thursday, March 26, 2015

Respect the Lone Monkey with Jackfruit

We brought my parents to Nepal, because it was time to get templing.
At Boudhanath, you walk around clockwise and turn the prayer wheels.
It's best if you wear traditional Tibetan clothes.
Tall Tibetans face greater risks when walking around the bell. (It's for walking, not ringing, I think).
You thought you knew about bells, but this one is for painting, so don't be all judgy.
Come to think of it, the temples can be a bit confusing. The meaning of "Monkey with Jackfruit" below is lost on me, though I've been to a few Buddhist temples before. I just googled, and it seems the is the only such statue in the world. I should have shown more awe.
There are special tombs placed unexpectedly in the street. This one has a giant foot trying to emerge from the depths.
Though Barry is trying to grow up and stop imitating statues, sometimes it's irresistible.
If we spent more time reading the travel book perhaps we'd know what the shackled dragon seeks.
In any case, the ancient sites were beautiful.
Perhaps in need of a bit of masonry work.
There were great food options.
Nepalese food. Why can't we have more of it outside of Nepal? (Ideally with online delivery. All things should deliver online).
We found the Internet was a bit spotty.
But my parents had a good time nonetheless.