Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Happy Goats!

Happy Chinese New Year and welcome to the Year of the Goat! There are lots of goats in Chinatown, but the ones with the beards are clearly in charge.
There are also lots of coins, which makes Barry think he's Super Mario.
The Money God also gets in on the action. He brings wealth, here in the form of the badly needed Singapore $20 bill!
The thing to do is to pose with your horoscope animal.
You also read your horoscope. Barry's, shown here, suggests you should all help him not to get conceited. Also, Googling his suitable emblem of "Carps of Victory" provides good gift ideas.
Snacks were on hand. While I was at first concerned by CupCorn Chipmunk's manicure, it turns out the chipmunks do have very long fingers, so this is to scale.
Deep fried squid was available in convenient artery-sized chunks.
We instead had yusheng at home.
I suggested that God of Money consider branching out into Happiness as well, and it looks like he's taking my advice.
We checked out some Chinese New Year gifts at the plant store. Some looked unusual.
What you think this fruit looks like says something about you. There are many options, and I chose inflated rubber glove.
Barry was too busy with self admiration to notice either way.