Thursday, May 29, 2014

Snorkel shots

We need to chill out, so let's look at some underwater fish! Above is the first Stripy Flat Fish we saw on the stairs. Below is the Stellar Blue Fish.
Glowy Lippy Parrotfish
Big Eyeballed Buggy Fish of Constant Surprise.
Blue Fringy Giganto Clam, that Barry says can drown you.
I look like this underwater. It looks like I have a bald spot.
Party of Yelloy Unidirectional Slow Swimmers hanging out with friends!
Starfish. After this point, Barry went with underwater videos. Bad idea, as the octopus that we saw is not recognizable.
With my own bad ideas, I took above-water pictures. You can see the contrast.
This was my best shot; Barry has more swimming stamina than me.