Sunday, June 1, 2014

Too much Tourism?

There was a bad sign at the beginning of our day.
What is too much tourism? Above is the answer we settled on. When you're in a place, in this case Hoi An Vietnam, which has it's own amazing coffee. And yet we stopped in a restaurant and got something worse than you'd get at Earl's diner. What are some other signs?
Endless knick-knacks in the old town.
The old town which you have to pay admission to enter.
Where you see more tourists than locals.
I tended to agree with the motorcycle sandwich lady's sentiments.
It's ok, at least you can hang out on the beach.
And then finally, when you can't find the local food. I'm sure the scallops are great, but they're completely western.
Oh wait, what's this?
Aaah, that's better. Travel snobs rejoice.