Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mountain Business

We went to the mountains on business trips.
Look, there they are.
Like a foolish tourist, I had to Swiss-up  my gear for the cold.
But that's ok, at least I didn't walk around in a diaper as is clearly accepted in the train station.
These tropical children were even less prepared for the snow and need a bit more initiation.
There was a tunnel into the glacier. I recommend it be upgraded into a bar.
Back in Zurich we found out that our German was very poor.
Barry also failed to read the English sign that said not to take church pictures.
Barry advises that this is a special duck, and not an ordinary duck, and it's called a Grebe. Or something. It's ok because I know more song lyrics than him, which is more useful than birds.
I am also very good at selecting delicious cheese dishes, and we had fondue 3 times, after which I couldn't take any more pictures.