Sunday, May 18, 2014


I have got a new phone, and there is a significant adaptation process. It’s not all bad, but we have had some challenges together. Here are some excerpts from my conversations with Barry:

L: Got my cat fixed, tacky. Not ad. Start. Farm. The train Jovi is going well.
L: Looks like sanding has some more lest to do. Samsung. Learning.
L: Taxon.
L: What is a taxon? Oh spoof.
L: Yup, Spoof, that’s my new lingo.
B: It is a group of populations of organisms judged to be a unit.
L: Like a hassle gaggle?

My phone, like me, is particularly interested in the subject of food
L: I am ordering him a lay momos, burneside curry, butter chicken and icjrb stag for dinner, we have to pay an extra $4.20 email sorcery substitution
L: Do you need groceries or are you going to eat Donaghcloney and late floe granola? I also got dish fowls and bath Marys.

B: I’m eating during a break in my bike ride:
L: Sheep, are you rating with your bikey fronds on a restaurant in spandex?

L: My taco is ejected endon worn. Rentable reshuffle regular. With cabbage.
L: had troubles typing while eating. It was not all damasks fault that time. But sometimes damask is at fault I guess. Who is damask, a group of Danes?

Finally, my phone helps me with logistics as you can see:

L: I’m nq to get a can. With n meaning in, q meaning queue, and can meaning cab. Can you please chop cop the pineapple for dinner? Chip chop. Blagged cush.

B: How was your flight?
L: Good, I slurp. Slat. Slept. Waiting to boast now.

B: How are you doing? Did you take your thyroid pill?
L: Feeling fine room pig. Gags. Don’t weeley, I took my thyroid pilham today Frudat. The I’ll Saturn the others to night whig is fine for the time zone chafe anyway. I just ordered piaz. Floe Poizza.

L: With less skep Samsung beribbonned more fun. I’m going to alps now. No. airport.

In other news, I have noted that Pearson airport now has ipod seats, which increases the distance between neighbours and therefore decreases the chance of fat touching, which is good because I don’t like fat touching. Furthermore, I have found the base way to reheat a fish taco in a hotel room which has a microwave and no dishes - that's what those glass covers are for!
Finally, I have taught my small niece all she needs to know about ice, so that we are only about 2 steps away from full martini-making.