Friday, October 4, 2013


On my way to Scandinavia, I saw an uberplane, from which other large planes are born. There are only 5 of these in the world, and you can see some of the baby planes behind it, and the relatively tiny windows in the front. Big.
Then I went searching for Utopia. Can you tell that the sky is perhaps a bit bluer?
In Utopia land, most people ride bikes so as to be nice and gentle on the environment.
This is Lund, Sweden where I learnt that Barry was made!
There was also modern art, which we had trouble separating in our minds from flat-pack furniture. That's because we haven't yet properly adopted Utopian values.
I suppose if Utopia has a church, it must be for all religions?
The above confirmed that this was indeed Barry's paradise. He agrees that 18 is the right number of hot dog varieties.
In my hunt for societal perfection, I was sometimes distracted by the seemingly twisted tongues. But I approve of being called Kvinnfolk.
With tempting danishes everywhere, the locals seem to eat also-yummy seedy buns. Healthy.
At work, open-faced sandwiches magically appeared at lunch, although utopia cracked a little with the lack of vegetables. One of our team attempted, and succeeded, to eat salmon 3 meals a day. But that's another story.
Just as I'm starting to think it's looking close to perfect,
I found out that, alas, there is evil here too. (I worked too hard for that punch line maybe?)