Saturday, September 28, 2013

Vagre and Dummy Engrish

I'm learning how to make my paint by numbers vagre and dummy!
It is best to use vagre glue which is human-friendly.
Glue knows how to make me happy.
Don't forget, sometime bears get a little too excited about honey.
Special this week: Spanese! Although I'm not sure if this is actually wrong.
Same problem with the Gelman, but I think this bear is overly excited about mail.
If your cute animals get overly excited, one solution is the dog diapers, but don't forget to raise the gathers first.
The above is unlikely to be what you think it is. Unless, that is, you thought it was a face massager.
Time for household goods! Above, a facecloth. Below, important instructions on Q-tips. Never used more than 0.59 inches of the tampon, and watch those body abnormalities!
I bought this pillow for its used napping material.
I made sure to follow the instructions, especially about life-saving and peripheral wrinkles.
Now let's close with a few more thoughts on DJY painting.
I admit it, I am looking for a more colourful life.
And surprisingly, it turns out DJY paint by number can be auctioned for supplementary income! We'll be rich!