Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Prambanan Project

Also near Yogya is the Hindu Prambanan temple.So, one city, 2 fabulous wonders of awesomeness.
Once again, the crowds described in the guides didn't show. Barry is shown here abiding by the sign to queue, lest there be anyone else to queue with him.These are the only sculptures I've seen of what I believe is angry ice cream eating.I gazed in wonder. And upon seeing the picture I realized that my wonder face is all wrong and looks like thirsty confusion. Now I'm worried I might also be doing other faces incorrectly!
Around the main temples are ruins for bunches more, needing assembly. Let the archeology students of the world unite! I think this is a great class trip idea.My idea is ideal given that the temple sits in an earthquake zone, so the effort should last pretty much forever.
You can tell something is tall when the picture is missing the peak, right?