Sunday, September 23, 2012

Barry can't count Macau as a Country

How do you enter into the glamour of the 1970s? It is available in the Grand Lisboa Macau.
To get to Macau, just take the Fiber to the Home bus.
We went with our friends of the suprising height differences.
Inside the casinos there is fake sky just like in Vegas. This is how you know that you can't escape.

This picture was taken for my friend Frank to show that Macau is much like Portugal.
Anyway, to get away from the Casinos, we went to the lighthouse.
Unfortunately the orange people followed us there, and we couldn't get away from them!
So instead, we followed the instructions on the workout structures. 
In fact we followed all of the instructions, including trickier ones such as no throwing fish, and no stepping on iguanas.