Sunday, September 2, 2012


Along with fabulous relics, Yogyakarta (pronounced Jogja) has a volcano. Now if you think you can go hang out with lava like in movies, then you're wrong, or you'll die. What you can see however, is aftermath. Above, a graveyard. Below, a squatter toilet.This is from the eruption in 2010, we guess.The Internet tells me that:
1) Poinsettias do not grow in ash.
2) They are native to Mexico.
And yet, here we are, with Christmas at the Indonesian volcano. Laura in Singapore provides spiritual mystery!Barry, on the other hand, povides trick shots with bonfire smoke.Yogyakarta is also an artsy town.Even the volcanic ruins were done up!But after our uphill hike we were hungry.We feasted on jackfruit, curry, chicken, tofu and eggs, which are together called Gudeg.And then we relaxed at our hotel's rooftop lounge. It remains unclear to me why all hotels with roofs do not have these.