Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bedazzling Borobudur

In an ancient structure, Buddha's head is the first to fall off, due to the weight of his up-do. This is an early example a fashion victim, so I tried to provide comfort.Ok, let's focus. This is Borobudur, which is a fabulous ancient temple in Indonesia.With nine stories of sculptures and stupas.The luckier Buddhas are protected inside their own stupas. It took us a while to find them.Buddha wasn't the only victim of decay.In this land of volcanoes and earthquakes, Borobudur is an endless fun project for archeologists. Here are some leftover puzzle pieces after the most recent restoration.Here is the before picture.Every surface was covered with intricate carvings to help the archeologists assemble the puzzle.
The most popular attraction in Indonesia (Bali and such don't have one single attraction), Borobudur was empty just for us. We smartly (accidentally) picked mid-day Friday during Ramadan.
So obviously it was horrifying when the rare other visitors entered our pictures.
Ok, this one was on purpose. Two lions and a parasol.Right, I should mention you have to wear the polite Buddhism skirts. Remember, Buddha was more into fashion than you thought.