Sunday, April 15, 2012

Agra Tecture

The first view we had of what we came to see in Agra.In Agra there weren't many touts trying to sell us stuff, but instead Krista managed to get ripped off by a Minnesotan. That is, he didn't pay for the above beer, so she got Minnesotaed.Anyway, back to Agra architecture, shown above and below.Some people get dressed up for the Taj Mahal.
The rest of us just get special shoe covers so as to tread lightly on the marble.Here is the face I make when I have to take the cheesy shot.
Oh, I forgot, here's the Taj Mahal. You may have seen such a picture before.
For perspective, here's our guide in one of the lower domes.
The walls are all inlaid with semi-precious stones, which supposedly glow different colours at sunrise and sunset. Agra also has a red fort, where the rest of the rather violent royal family hung out.
It's showing a touch of wear, which is ok, since the royal family seems to have killed each other off anyway.