Thursday, April 5, 2012

Agra Culture

Here are some of people you might see in and around Agra. (Agra Culture, get it? I totally made it up!). The guru above demonstrates his balance skills while I work on my photography from moving vehicles. What would you carry on your head?
Perhaps some tree?
or a sack of potatoes?I like the woman of mystery above best.Do not fret, I think that the woman above has legs as well as grapes.This man is selling the delicious street snacks that we eat in fake yet hygienic form in Singapore.Oh delicious fried street snacks. We settled for theseWhile we didn't find the angles to be very mad (equilateral, really), we did enjoy the achaari masti flavour, which turned out to be mango pickle, with no MSG.Here, the consumption of more healthy snacks is demonstrated. As is the use of eye makeup by children.Also coveted: sugar cane street juice. Also available were "Make it Large" Royal Stag whiskey, and thunderbolt malt liquor from the English Wine and Beer shop. I failed to get pictures of the famous celebrities advertizing these brands, however.This was supposed to be the "beautiful sari against less beautiful background" shot, but for some reason this woman didn't stay still while walking down the street.These children posed much more nicely, and say goodbye to you now.