Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wait White What?

How could I resist a post on the paper's feature on, um, whitening! Look how angry it makes the above model (ok, she may have gotten a tad folded).This woman commands us! Peel off those dark spots! Face chemicals are your friend!Mainstream products, I suppose if I read the details I'd know how to choose between White Serum Pore Minimizer and Extra Whitening Cell Repair & Protect with 50x Vitamin C. The later seems good, since Vitamin C lightened brown guinea pigs in one study, so at least we can support the animals.Lest you were reconsidering your favourite brands, rest assured it is universal.This brand is given credence by a French person's quote. Googling him reveals his skin is not that pale, however.To further our beauty, Barry and I considered the shape V face.Barry's seems pretty good.But further Picasanalysis shows he has the dreaded DARK SPOTS!Look what the cream can do? Isn't Barry pretty?Now that you're bored of that, other white things in the paper include clean washrooms. These can now be rated at screens outside the washrooms. Seems to me that more frequent cleanings may have been cheaper, and that the dirty washrooms will have their feelings hurt.