Sunday, August 2, 2009

Engrish for Canadians

This is a momentous occasion for Canadian fans of Engrish! Now, Engrish comes to your country, and for some readers, to your university. Zoom in to read the University of Toronto's lesser known motto: "Goldfish California Dream. 1849".
Now let us compare this Korean interpretation to the actual U of T.

Real U of TEngrish U of T
Founding Year18271849
Mottovelut arbor aevo, meaning "As a tree in the passage of time"Goldfish California Dream
Crestbeaver, books, treesunrise, building, leaves
So overall, I'm forced to conclude that this is a reasonable representation. Beavers, goldfish, trees, leaves, whatever. If you are a women's small, please send me your orders today! I find it goes best with Korean chocolate bar Crunky. For when you're drunk and chunky.