Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Engrish of 2009

Hello and welcome to this year's selection of Engrish gift bags and such. Let us start with a simple yet delirious message about giant fruit.Next, a scatterbrained notebook. Sometimes Engrish states the obvious. And yet it's deep, man.
2009's Greeting cards: "A four leaf clover, becomes happy when finding it, happiness is carried". The ominous "I have something to talk to you" hearts card, and the generic "Happy Birthday, very wonderful and more pleasant" greeting.I love cat too, but I'm not sure about all the flowing.The bag below was thought to be the lesser-known Engrish from India, featuring Fizzy Moon. Turns out Fizzy is real, and not simply a linguistic adventure.Finally, let me introduce to you, for the first time: Flench!
The year's best Flench is below. My camera is away, and my phone troubled, but it says: "Le Miroir: Meme dans le miroir, j'ai des oreilles" sic. So true. So brilliant.