Saturday, August 22, 2009

Laura in Westoz

Above is what Western Australia's animals used to look like. Below is what they look like today. We are big fans of the modern version, and enjoyed hanging out in their gaggle of 25.
However, we did not go to Perth for the birds. We went to stock up on feeling like home. And, mostly, we went for the wine. The tasting, the touring, and the bringing some home.
Drinking it seaside was nice too, though it is "winter" now. That means its like rainy summer weather in Canada.
This is Fremantle, which is supposed to be the best part of Perth. Barry and I figured perhaps it was better in the summer. Or perhaps we missed something. Eventually we forgot about it and went back to wine tasting. I know, my photography. Its artistic nature takes your breath away. I call this one "arry". Moving, no?
Finally, here is the Aussie coat of arms, which allegedly features 2 animals which can't move backwards. This doesn't seem to be a key animal skill, if you ask me, whereas that pouch is handy! I can't diss it, as the Canadian coat of arms features 2 bedazzled lions and a unicorn, none of which are native to the country, to my knowledge.