Saturday, November 15, 2014

Holiday Engrish 2014

Looking for gift ideas? The Neck Point Roll can give you a quick and easy on your neck. Who doesn't need that?
Now, welcome to the most awesome and scary gift bag of the season. It features wind up toys who watch you sleeping.
Unfortunately, most of the toys are troubled, like Frosty here.
The holiday Sasquatch is using intimidation tactics.
The holiday wind-up abominable snowman has some kind of Halloween hangover. Or is perhaps luring children with orange juice.
Finally, and most horribly traumatic, poor Rudolph hasn't fount out, yet, that his "twin" is actually a wind-up version. This could be an entire movie plot, like a horror version of Pinocchioo!
Quick, let's switch something more positive. Wrapping paper which actually improves the present inside!
These French headlines come with English text about guitar lessons, Midsummer Night Dream (sic) and Thanksgiving.
With this one, I have finally learnt what sports are!
This is the lesser known "face shape plastic bag", which is a face with faces on it, and has "no gusset".
Finally, we also have to remember to care appropriately for our Engrish holiday gear. This one is easily roughted, and the fluff may falling more or less.